Who Am I?


My name is Joshua Cole. I'm an independent game developer and self taught programmer. I'm 18 years old and love playing games with my friends online. I started programming in Java when I wanted to learn how to make games like Minecraft and Skyrim. I loved making space invader games when I was 14, just beginning to learn how to program.

I've been playing a lot of these new battle royale games recently, and I've been bored out of my mind. I want to create something others will enjoy together, with tons of fun. I have begun developing an open world survival game with multiplayer support, and the end result will depend on what the players want. I will read and reply to every single email for feedback and support towards the development of the game. I will release game-play footage in late August if I can get enough feedback and support. I will release the game in Early Access on Steam in late September.


I Accept donations

It would be amazing help if you donated to my fundraiser, I'd be able to afford better equipment and assets for Unreal Engine 4 so I can make the best game possible. Donations meeting or exceeding $10 total, will receive a free copy on Steam, as the game will be listed for $10.